I want the Cruise life

Did that cruise seriously have to end 😦 I could honestly say that hands down so far that was one of the best cruises and I’ve been on a few. There is a lot of reasons why it was my favorite. Number one probably being of age. That was my first cruise I went on and was actually able to order drinks for myself. (Such a baby) haha I know.. Number 2 being of course family. I haven’t taken a cruise without family yet because my parents are awesome and invite me when they go! Number three would be the company I met. So many cool people were on that ship. We partied, ate pizza at 3 am, gambled, and danced. Blake when you read this just know I’m glad I met you. 🙂

Our stop in Cozumel, Mexico was incredible also! We took a boat ride to this island and spent all day there in hammocks and had all you can eat Mexican buffet. It was literally a dream come true. I remember repeating to myself after a few drinks. “I am on an Island in the middle of Mexico” ugh, nothing is better than that! The cruise life is definitely for me! Amazing amazing time. I don’t even know what else I can say. Please do yourself a favor and book one NOW! And if it’s too late now then definitely put it on a bucket list to go next summer. I am going again in December for New Years. I just can’t get enough! Lol

Well I told you I would share some pics with you from my trip so check them out below! On a totally different page everyone I hope you are safe where you are and use your heads! This hurricane stuff going on is dangerous. Please plan ahead and be safe!

As always happy blogging! I’ll be back soon! Another big update on this kind of interesting life of mine, lol.

xoxoxo, Cas.

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